Dining eStamp and Free Parking Rewards

date range
29/4/2024 - 28/6/2024
date range
L4 The Point Counter, Phase I / L2 The Point Counter, Phase III

With every $100 spending on F&B outlets from Mondays to Fridays during promotion period, shoppers can get e-stamps to redeem dining and other merchants e-vouchers and enjoy up to 5 hours of free parking privilege!

Promotion period: 29 April – 28 June

Redemption Venue: Customer Care Centres, L4, Phase 1 & L2 Phase 3

1. Dining E-Stamp Reward
The Point member can receive 1 eStamp upon every $100 single electronic spending in F&B outlets and with successful point registration through The Point App receipt upload or at Customer Care Centre.

3 eStamp = HK$10 Dining e-voucher x 3 and HK$50 Play Park e-voucher x 1

8 eStamp = HK$50 Dining e-voucher x 1 and $50 YATA cash coupon x 1

12 eStamp = HK$100 Dining e-voucher x 1 + Movie Town HK$60 gift voucher x 1

2. Dine and Free Parking Reward
Present every $100 single electronic spending from F&B outlets from 12:00noon onwards to get 1-hour free parking privilege.

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

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